Work With an Attorney and Environmental Law Advocate

Work With an Attorney and Environmental Law Advocate

Get representation from our local law firm from Longmont, CO

Protecting your property is about more than just the land itself. Whether it is oil and gas drilling, pipelines, or permitting solar or wind energy on your property - energy production can take a toll on the environment and on property.

Matt Sura, an environmental lawyer based in Longmont, CO, has years of experience in negotiating with and on behalf of landowners throughout Colorado - including Weld County, CO.

Matt Sura can assist you in better understanding your options. Ensure you and your property are treated fairly. Call 720-563-1866 for a consultation.

Protecting the environment every day

As pollution and greenhouse gases wreak havoc on our environment, it's more important than ever to protect the land we have. With experience working with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), attorney Sura will do everything he can to protect your land in court.

Our environmental lawyer has experience responding to proposals for...

  • Oil and gas drilling
  • Mine work
  • Road paving
  • Timber sales

Don't let local drilling companies break environmental law. Go over your options with attorney Sura today by calling 720-563-1866.