Find Fair Compensation

Find Fair Compensation

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When the oil and gas industry is looking to develop an area for oil and gas, the industry is often able to negotiate oil and gas leases, surface-use agreements and pipeline easements that do not provide adequate compensation or provide adequate protections to the land and nearby residents. All too often, families, communities and even local governments negotiate with the oil and gas industry without adequate legal representation.

Retaining legal representation in negotiating with the oil and gas industry is an excellent investment. The few hours that it might take an experienced oil and gas attorney to negotiate a lease or surface use agreement will more than pay for itself.
The people who negotiate leases and surface use agreement for the oil and gas industry are called “land-men”. Land-men are professional negotiators who are very experienced in getting landowners and mineral owners to sign their standard lease and surface use agreements. These standard leases, surface-use agreements and easements are written by oil and gas attorneys, to benefit the oil and gas industry.
The Law Office of Matthew Sura has successfully represented individuals and neighborhoods on oil and gas issues all over Colorado. With our central office in Longmont, CO and representing landowners and mineral-owners all over the state, we are the oil and gas law firm to turn to. If we are unable to get the oil and gas industry to improve its offer, we will not accept any compensation.

Once the wells have been drilled, other issues may arise that will require legal representation. Other issues that Matt Sura may be able to assist you with include: proper royalty or property damage payments, accidental spills and releases that cause damage to property or water quality and proper surface reclamation.
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When should you contact an attorney?

Having an experienced attorney by your side is an important part of any negotiation or dispute with the oil and gas industry. You should contact an oil and gas attorney if...

  • You're being asked to sign an oil and gas lease, a pipeline easement or a surface use agreement
  • Oil and gas development is being proposed near your property
  • An oil spill affected your property or water quality
  • You're pursuing reclamation of damaged land

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